Parch Es and Tim Tsang are a team of Los Angeles-based composers with over 10 years of experience creating scores for film, television, theatre, ads, virtual reality and other media.

From ambient to synthpop to orchestral soundscapes to sound collage, their otherworldly sounds and atmospheres are uniquely suited to genres such as animation, sci-fi and other types of speculative fiction, art films and online video.

Sánchez Huerta (2016)
Antígona (2015)
Orinoco (2008)

La Fuerza del Destino (2013)
Por Ella Soy Eva (2012)
S.O.S. (Sexo y Otros Secretos) Season 2 (2008)
S.O.S. (Sexo y Otros Secretos) Season 1 (2007)

Max Max (2014)
Facts with Mary (2014)

Consumed (2017)
Fishing for Junk (2017)
Claw (2017)
Puntomov (2017)
Cazadores de Experiencias Luminosas (2016)
Shooting Star (2016)
In Vein (2016)
Koishi (2016)
STRUCTURE (fashion video for Vera Wang) (2014)
Sofia (2013)
Alouette (2012)
Corre (2012)
Innuendo (2011)
Overreaction (2011)
Keeping Tabs (2010)