//   S o l o   s h o w s   //

(showofpicturesonthewalls)                      WaveCave                                     Los Angeles, 2017

(timemachine)   (timemachine) II               Center for Integrated Media         Los Angeles, 2017    

(timemachine)   (timemachine)                  Center for Integrated Media         Los Angeles, 2016


//   G r o u p   s h o w s   //    

Diálogos con Gunther                                Galería de Arte Mexicano          Mexico City, 2017

Imagining Tellus #28: Heard in LA             Harvestworks                             New York, 2017

Being in Two Places at the Same Time     Galería de Arte Mexicano          Mexico City, 2017

Nothing like turning on the TV                    DMA-UCLA                                 Los Angeles, 2017

(showinahouse) (showinahouse)                 Portofino 8207                           Los Angeles, 2016

(showinahouse)                                            Portofino 8207                           Los Angeles, 2016

Repurposing Nostalgia                                Shophouse 9                             Singapore, 2015

VOID                                                             Taller Espacio Alternativo         Oaxaca, 2013


//   E d u c a t i o n   //

Master of Fine Arts in Composition // Experimental Sound Practices // Integrated Media                

California Institute of the Arts, 2017

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Recorded Music

Tisch School of the Arts, 2013

julio cann gonzález
known artistically as parch es
uses media (from painting to music to poetry
to social relations to virtual reality)
to build assemblages:
objects that are both ‘collage’ and ‘network’

these (human-machine) assemblages perform
by accelerating the flux of media
(as an embodiment of time)
to create portals into speculative dimensions
narratives of time travel
and nonhuman intelligence

if the human subject
in relation to time
is ‘a linear, unidirectional trajectory’

the work of parch es
constructs and excavates
nonlinear structures of time
that flow in multiple directions

to interact (with) and experience
emerging manifestations of entities
artificial, mythological and alien

these experiments of time and the subject
describe a model of identity as fluid;
meaning and perspective generated by momentary configurations
of conceptual and material information in contingent play